With more than 24 Spanish schools located throughout Spain and Latin America, Enforex is the largest and most prestigious around the world who is specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.


    Welcome to Hispania, Spanish school, the school has used the recommendations of the teachers and students to try to create an ideal school.


    CEIAM, your Spanish language school. For adults, for youth. For all levels. Learn Spanish in an international environment, in winter and summer.


    Unique, colorful and funny. Different from what you know. Our goal is clear: We want to offer more than just a language course ... We want to offer an experience.


    Spanish and fun at Intereuropa, school in the historic center of Valencia. Air conditioning, common area, library, a study and video room. Free internet access.


    Spanish for foreigners. Our goal is to combine teaching with a program of culture wich will fulfill your holiday expectations at favorable prices.


    Located in the heart of Valencia. With good and modern facilities. Intensive courses of high quality in an international and cozy atmosphere. Members of International House (IH)


    Learn Spanish, get to know our culture and make friends in the most funny way. We offer high quality courses for the best prices. And with the most accomplished leisure offers.


    "Come, learn Spanish ... and live it!" With this motto we offer Spanish courses based on three main areas: quality of the education, cultural activities and economic prices.


    TLCdénia is in an idyllic location wich is only 20km away from the beach, surrounded by mountains, where we spend linguistic vacations enjoying the quality of life and excellent gastronomy.


    The don Quijote school in Valencia is found in the cultural center of the city.

  • AIP

    Institute of Spanish language and culture, which efficiently combines learning Spanish with educational vacations. A true linguistic immersion experience.


    Our main goal is that the student speaks, feels and thinks in Spanish. Come and enjoy the taste and Mediterranean culture, our climate and our parties. Alicante…, and forget the winter!

Our association, a member of F.E.D.E.L.E. (Spanish Federation of Schools of Spanish as a Foreign Language), was created in 2002 with the aim of bringing together the leading schools of Spanish in the Region of Valencia to commit to certain requirements to certify the quality of our services.
All FEDELE CV members are accredited by the Cervantes Institute, a guarantee for anyone wishing to study Spanish at our schools.
We are committed to the idea that our schools, at locations throughout Castellón, Valencia and Alicante, must offer the best image of Spanish language and culture along with the teaching methods and complementary services necessary to ensure that our students' stay in the Valencian Region is an enriching experience in both cultural and personal terms.
Our universal language together with our Mediterranean character, gastronomy, wealth of historical culture and the privileged scenery and climate of our location, make the Region of Valencia the perfect place to learn Spanish.
Visit the Region of Valencia and find out for yourself!

Contact us: info@fedelecv.org

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