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The City of Valencia is located next to the Mediterranean Sea, about 350kms from Madrid and Barcelona, Spain’s main cities. Valencia, with its population of 800.000 inhabitants, its streets and its perfect climate, provides a great variety of leisure, culture and unforgettable experiences.

You’ll be able to taste the best dishes, sunbathe on its beaches, do sports, meet students who want to learn Spanish and, what’s more, you'll find out all those things you won’t find in any tourist guide-book about Valencia: its secrets, its mysteries…

Cursos de español en Valencia: AMEELE

It is a perfect place to speak Spanish in Spain. The city of Valencia is also rich in artistic/cultural heritage. Our foreign students will have the chance to know a city with history, which during the XIV and XV centuries was one of the most prosperous and important cities in Spain. You will be able to enjoy its cultural richness of the ancient times just visiting Quart Towers, Serrano Towers, the Cathedral and the “Barrio del Carmen” (Carmen Neighbourhood – very well know all over Spain), etc.


You will also be able to enjoy the elements of its most recent history, like the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (City of Arts and Sciences), by the famous architect Santiago Calatrava, the Museum of Modern Art IVAM, the MUVIM… 

Valencia is a city that offers lots of chances to organize activities for foreigners.

Escuela de español Costa de Valencia

"Come! Learn Spanish ... and live it!" Based on this principle,we offer Spanish courses based on three main areas:quality education, cultural activities an dprices.

Escuela de español Intereuropa

Intereuropa - Spanish and Fun! At the school it’s fun and located in the historic center of Valencia. We facilitate air conditioning, common area, library, study and video. Free internet access.

Ecuela de español CEIAM

CEIAM, your Spanish school.For adults,for young people, and for all levels. Learn Spanish in an international environment in winter and summer.

AIP Language Institute

An institute of Spanish language and culture, which combines learning Spanish efficiently with an educational holiday. Truly, an amazing experience, whilst learning a language.

Escuela de español Taronja

Unique, colorful and fun. Different from everyone else. Our aim is simple: We offer more than just a language course ... We offer an experience.

Escuela de español Enforex

With over 24 Spanish language schools located through out Spain and Latin America, Enforex is the largest and most prestigious organisation int he world, specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Escuela de español Caxton College

Caxton College is a British boarding school. It has a large Spanish Department to teach as a foreign language and offers intensive programs, all year, and during the summer.

Escuela de español Españolé

Located in the heart of Valencia. With good and modern facilities. Intensive high-quality courses, an international environment and atmosphere. Members of International House (IH).


Welcome to Hispania,  escuela de español, a Spanish Language School that has taken into consideration the recommendations of their teachers and students in order to create the ideal school.

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