Instituto Cervantes

Since 1991

What is the Cervantes Institute?

The Cervantes Institute is a public institution created in Spain in 1991 in order to promote worldwide Spanish language teaching, the studies and use of Spanish, as well as to contribute to the promotion of Hispanic cultures abroad. Its activities encompass maintaining the linguistic and cultural heritage that all Spanish speaking countries have.

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Objectives and Functions of the Cervantes Institute

  1. Organize general and specialist courses of the Spanish language and other co-official languages in Spain.
  2. Issue official diplomas of Spanish DELE on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport and organize exams for these diplomas.
  3. Update the methods of teaching and training teachers.
  4. Support the work of Hispanists.
  5. Participate in programs promoting the Spanish language and culture.
  6. Realize activities aimed at disseminating culture in collaboration with other Spanish and Hispanic American institutions and other entities in host countries.
  7. Manage the major network of Spanish libraries all over the world.

What is the Accreditation System of the Cervantes Institute centers?

It is an integrated system of conditions, requirements and indicators related to the academic activity, teams of teachers, facilities, equipment, administrative organization, information and publicity related to the center dedicated to teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

The objectives of the Accreditation System of the Cervantes Institute centers:

  1. Promote the compromise with quality and improvement of the centers that offer teaching Spanish services both in Spain and abroad.
  2. Promote the development of the system of teaching a homogeneous standard of the Spanish language, with a guarantee of complementary services offered.
  3. Enable students interested in learning Spanish to choose a center accredited by a reputable state institution.

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What does the Cervantes Institute accreditation contribute to the choice of a center of studying Spanish?

Students who study in the center with the Cervantes Institute accreditation have chosen a center which:

  1. Complies with the legal requirements to carry out the teaching process.
  2. Has a team of qualified teachers.
  3. Follows a methodology adapted to the students´ needs.
  4. Follows a methodology adapted to the students´ needs.
  5. Conducts the assessment of its programs and courses.
  6. Promotes the participation of its students in exams for Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE).
  7. Evaluates its students´ progress in learning
  8. Has rooms equipped with appropriate facilities at its students´ disposal.
  9. Has agile procedures in order to collect its users´ opinions.
  10. Addresses students´ complaints and claims.
  11. Offers complete and detailed information about the courses and services on offer.
  12. Disseminates a verified publicity of its offer.

All schools which belong to Spanish in Spain, FEDELE Valencian Community have the accreditation of the Cervantes Institute and undergo rigorous inspections in order to guarantee that all requirements and conditions of teaching Spanish are in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport and that their diplomas are official.

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