Discover Elche


Elche is a unique Mediterranean city located on the touristy Costa Blanca of Spain, in the Valencian Community, located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula. It is 20 minutes from Alicante and 15 minutes from Alicante-Elche International Airport, making it a city with excellent transport links to Europe’s main airports, ideal for students wishing to learn Spanish.

A safe and manageable city, ideal for young students, Elche is also a relatively large city that offers endless possibilities for both residents and visitors. With a population of more than 230,000 inhabitants, it is the third most populated city in the Valencian Community, behind Valencia and Alicante.

Elche is a city with a rich past whose foundation dates back to the 5th century BC, it is also a young city that boasts a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. With three universities based in the city, Universidad Miguel Hernández (UMH), Universidad Cardenal Herrera (CEU) and Universidad de Estudios a Distancia (UNED), it is not surprising that the city offers all kinds of opportunities for young students, be they academic, entertainment or leisure.

Due to its privileged location on the Mediterranean coast, Elche enjoys an exceptional climate with mild winters and more than 300 days of sunshine a year. Thanks to this, the city’s offer of outdoor activities is enormous, both for its inhabitants and for tourists. Whether through water activities, hiking trails or sports of all kinds, Elche will satisfy the desires of outdoor enthusiasts. In addition, Elche has a wide variety of parks, open spaces and public sports complexes, as its inhabitants are great fans of all kinds of sports, which translates into a large number of facilities to practice them and the organisation of numerous sporting events that take place throughout the year.