What is SIELE?

SIELE is an exam which certifies competence in a command of the Spanish language. It applies a scale of marks equivalent to A1, B1, B2 and C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR).

SIELE is digital, adaptable, flexible, international and high-quality.

  • Digital as it is integrally managed in the electronic form. Enrollment, exams, information about the results, sending a certificate and an exam performance report are all done online.
  • Adaptable because it adapts to the user´s necessities. The candidate can choose from certifying its global competence in the Spanish language or in different language skills (reading, writing, listening or speaking).
  • Flexible as students receive results and certificates or reports within three weeks and as it functions through the appointment system in the SIELE examination centers.
  • International since coordinated from Mexico, Argentina and Spain, it incorporates different variants on the linguistic map of Spanish. Each SIELE exam obligatorily combines at least three different varieties of Spanish.
  • High-quality as it is recognized by prestigious institutions, such as IC, UNAM, USAL and UBA, which guarantee the standards of quality and good practices in the preparation of exams as well as their management, information and result announcement.

What is SIELE exam like?

SIELE is composed of four parts which correspond to four different language communicative activities:

  • Reading comprehension (CL)
  • Listening comprehension (CA)
  • Interactive writing (EIE)
  • Speaking (EIO)

The candidate can take a complete exam or just a part of it. A complete exam has a fixed, pre-established order (CL, CA, EIE, EIO), with the duration of 3 hours and a fifteen-minute break.

Respective parts of the exam have the following duration time:

  • Reading comprehension (CL): 60 minutes
  • Listening comprehension (CA): 55 minutes
  • Interactive writing (EIE): 50 minutes
  • Speaking (EIO): 15-20 minutes

Where and when can I take a SIELE exam?

SIELE exam and its distinctive parts are done electronically in authorized examination centers, which provide candidates with necessary IT equipment and supervise the execution of the exams.

Who can do SIELE?

All those who wish to certify their command of the Spanish language, whether it is a foreign, second or native language to them.

Designed for youth and adults, SIELE is an especially adequate option for those who need a rapid certification in order to enter university o obtain a new job.