Over the last few years, more and more European cities have been limiting or closing their city centres to vehicles in order to convert these areas into pedestrian zones.

In this way, a significant reduction in pollutant emissions is achieved, public transport services for tourists and citizens are improved and businesses and activities in these areas are promoted.

The Plaza del Ayuntamiento (City Hall Square), is characterised by its numerous stately buildings built during the first half of the 20th century, and above all by the City Hall, the seat of Valencia City Council.

In the middle of the square there are flower stalls around a large flat area where the traditional Mascletàs are held every year during the Fallas festival.

Valencia didn’t want to be left behind with its centrally located Plaza del Ayuntamiento, probably the most important and iconic square in the city.

In May 2020, Valencia followed in the footsteps of all those cities and has pedestrianized the square, allowing it only access to public transport and taxis.

In this way, a pedestrian space has been created, designed by and for the citizens, thus allowing a greater socialization and humanization where before there were motorized vehicles.

Due to the red colour of the asphalt, it was immediately given the name of Plaza Roja (Red Square) because, seen from a distance, it has a peculiar reddish colour.

But all this is temporary. In fact, the definitive restructuring of the Square will take place in a second moment, when there is a valid and definitive project for its definitive reform.

From Intereuropa, we celebrate this initiative and we leave you a photo of one of our classes with a view of the new Plaza del Ayuntamiento.