Are you thinking of coming to Spain to learn Spanish and can’t decide which city? Here are ten reasons why we recommend coming to study Spanish in Alicante.

The beach. Everyone’s favorite! After class, in ten minutes you can be at the beach. In addition to swimming and sunbathing, there are water sports like paddle surfing and snorkeling. You can also have a cocktail at a beach bar or dine at the restaurants and bars along the promenade. Thanks to the tram, you can travel along the Alicante coast to visit all sorts of different beaches.



Good weather. In Alicante, the sun is always shining and there are very few rainy days each year. Nothing will ruin your plans!



Well-connected. Alicante is a very well-connected city. The airport connects with major European cities, and thanks to the high-speed train you can travel quickly to other parts of Spain such as Madrid, Valencia, and Murcia.
Gastronomy. The only problem with eating in Alicante… is deciding where to do it. The city has a wide range of gastronomy with paella the star. There is also a large variety of rice dishes, tapas, and seafood. If you prefer to cook, you can buy high-quality fresh produce at the Mercado Central, only two minutes from the school.


The marina and golf courses. Other sports options abound. If you like boats, you’ll find plenty of cruises and regattas in the harbor. If you prefer to play golf in your free time, there are three excellent golf courses in Alicante.

Shopping. Close to the school is El Corte Inglés, a large shopping center where you can find top brands. Avenida Maisonnave, in the center, is the main shopping street, full of boutiques, department stores, and international brands.
Villages. Remember, the beach isn’t everything. In the province of Alicante there is  a large variety of villages, mountains with natural springs, hiking and biking trails, wineries, etc. Access by car is fast and easy, and most are connected to the capital by tram. Another interesting excursion is Tabarca, a small island located 20 kilometers from the city, connected by ferry.
Forget the car! Alicante is not a big city, so getting around is very fast and easy. You can stroll around the center, and to travel further you have the bus and tram, a very cheap alternative.
Nightlife. There is a huge range of nightlife, with bars, pubs, discos and music festivals. It’s truly impossible to get bored in this city.
Peace and tranquility. The city has a population of 335,000, so there are no big crowds and it’s very safe. There are many choices for accommodations near the school (boutique hotels, apartments or family-homes).

Are you convinced?

Estudio Sampere Alicante is the perfect place to learn Spanish!